NRP 51 "Social Integration and Social Exclusion"

​How do norms emerge, when do they lead to social integration, under what conditions do they lead to social exclusion? The interdisciplinary National Research Programme "Social Integration and Social Exclusion" (NRP 51) analyses the emergence, modes of functioning, and social consequences of processes of social integration and social exclusion in Swiss society.

Facts & figures
FrameworkCHF 12'000'000
President of the steering committeeHans Ulrich Grunder, Fachhochschule Aargau Nordwestschweiz, Zofingen
​​Implementation OfficerWolfgang Wettstein, Kommunikationsberatung und Medienarbeit, Zürich
​Scientific secretariatStephanie Schönholzer, SNSF
Research​April 2003 - spring 2007