The SNSF is now an ORCID member

ORCID Connecting Research and Researchers - Logo

By becoming a member of ORCID, the SNSF is supporting this organisation, which offers researchers a unique global identifier.

​ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identification) has already been technically supported by the SNSF systems for several years. This non-profit organisation provides researchers with a globally unique identification code and a corresponding online profile. The SNSF became a member of ORCID in November 2017.

The over 2500 ORCID users have added their unique ID in mySNF; as a result, the ID is displayed also in the project database P3. For reporting purposes, researchers can import publications from their ORCID profile into mySNF. Projects funded by the SNSF can be added to the ORCID profile by means of a wizard.

By becoming an ORCID member, the SNSF aims to support the organisation and to expand the integration of ORCID across its systems.