NRP 76 "Welfare and Coercion – Past, Present and Future"

​NRP 76 "Welfare and Coercion – Past, Present and Future" aims to generate scientific insights into past and future developments as well as the social repercussions of welfare and coercion in Switzerland.

NRP 76 aims to analyse the characteristics, mechanisms and effects of Swiss welfare policy and practices in their various contexts. It should identify possible causes of welfare practices that had an impact on the integrity of the persons concerned and explore how these persons were affected by the practices.

Facts & figures
Overall fundingCHF 18'000’000
Period of research5 years
President of the Steering CommitteeProf. Dr. Alexander Grob
WT Knowledge and Technology Transfer Dominik Büchel
Programme ManagerStephanie Schönholzer, SNSF
Open callApril 2017