Biology and Medicine: SNSF seeks six new Research Council members

The National Research Council of the SNSF evaluates research proposals and approves funding for the most promising projects. The SNSF is currently seeking six new members for its Biology and Medicine division.

The Research Council evaluates several thousand research proposals each year. 100 experts from all academic disciplines work part-time on this Swiss research evaluation panel. They play a key role in ensuring high quality standards in Swiss research and in promoting young researchers.

The six vacancies in the Research Council's Biology and Medicine division are in theoretical and computational biology, evolutionary biology/behavioural biology and ecology, molecular and cellular immunology, microbiology, metabolism and molecular physiology and molecular genetics. Candidates must meet the following criteria: excellent track record of several years' internationally recognised research work as well as experience of interdisciplinary research and an interest in research policy. In addition, candidates should be familiar with the Swiss and international research environment. The SNSF embraces multilingualism and language skills are therefore important. For the detailed job profile, please follow the links below.

The work quota of a Research Councillor corresponds to approximately 20% of a full-time position. The members of the Research Council are compensated for their efforts. The Research Council generally convenes in Bern.

Please send in your application by30 April 2018. The new members are due to be elected in September 2018.