NRP "Welfare and Coercion" launches second Call

22 projects were approved after the first call for NRP 76. A second call is now being launched to fill the remaining research gaps.

22 research projects are being carried out under the National Research Programme "Welfare and Coercion" (NRP 76). Although they cover a wide range of research topics, a few gaps remain. The aim behind this second call is to fill these research gaps.

The call will focus on the following topics:

  • Interactions between non-state actors and the state;
  • Rights, proceedings, legal remedies;
  • Economic interdependencies;
  • Transgenerational transmission of social, material and psychological disadvantages;
  • Removal of children and adoptions in coercive situations.

A budget of 2.5 million Swiss francs has been made available for the second call. This will provide funding for six to eight projects.

Submission deadlines for letters of intent and proposals

Interested researchers have time until 22 August 2018 to submit a letter of intent. The letters of intent will be examined to ensure that the projects are compatible with the objectives of NRP 76 and the second call.

Full research proposals must be submitted by 15 November 2018 at 5 p.m.

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