NRP 65 New Urban Quality

There is a great deal of controversy concerning the role and importance of the urban centres of Switzerland in view of future requirements of society, environment, commerce, and the economy. For this reason it makes sense to search for ideas and strategies for extensive planning of the built environment.

The National Research Programme “New Urban Quality“ (NRP 65) aims at (further) developing concepts and strategies for new urban quality and testing the feasibility of the research findings. The concepts will demonstrate innovative ways to achieve urban development, urban redevelopment, and urban planning in Switzerland that are realizable in the medium and long term. The concepts will base on the perspectives of urban planning and architecture, with researchers and experts in all relevant disciplines working together.

In addition to the aim of developing the solutions themselves, a main thrust of NRP 65 concerns the processes of learning and collaboration between representatives of the different disciplines involved.

Facts & figures
Overall fundingCHF 5'000'000
​Period of research3 years
​​President of the Steering Committee​Jürg Sulzer, Technische Universität Dresden, Fakultät Architektur and Görlitz Kompetenzzentrum Revitalisierender Städtebau
​Head of Knowledge transferDominik Büchel, advocacy ag, Basel
Programme co-ordinatorPascal Walther, SNSF
Call for proposals8 July 2009