NRP 65 New Urban Quality

The National Research Programme "New Urban Quality" (NRP 65) studied the role and importance of urban centres in Switzerland in 5 research projects. As a result, NRP 65 has developed ideas and strategies for extensive planning of the built environment.

Two synthesis reports present the scientific results of the research projects, draw conclusions for strategic approaches in spatial planning, urban planning and architecture, and show how sustainable urban devel-opment can be strengthened.

Facts & figures

Overall funding

CHF 5'000'000

Period of research

4 years (2010-2013)

President of the Steering Committee

Jürg Sulzer, Technische Universität Dresden, Fakultät Architektur and Görlitz Kompetenzzentrum Revitalisierender Städtebau

Head of Knowledge transfer

Dominik Büchel, advocacy ag, Basel

Programme Manager

Pascal Walther, SNSF

Results and final products

Project results

Project Arnaboldi: Designing cities and landscapes - public spaces in the "Città Ticino" of the future