NRP 67 End of Life

​​​Perceptions and frameworks regarding the end of life are currently in a state of flux. The purpose of the National Research Programme "End of Life" (NRP 67) is to gain new insights into the last phase of life of people of all ages who in all likelihood do not have long to live. The practical knowledge resulting from the NRP is to be passed on to decision-makers in the health care system and in politics as well as to professional caregivers. It will help to ensure that persons going through the end of life may do so with dignity. The research will start in spring 2012.

Facts & figures
Overall fundingCHF 15'000'000
​Period of research5 years
​​President of the Steering Committee​Markus Zimmermann, University of Fribourg
​Head of Knowledge transfer​Mathis Brauchbar, advocacy ag, Zurich
Programme co-ordinator​Stephanie Schönholzer, SNSF
Call for proposals16 February 2011