PRIMA conference: Advanced Leadership Dialogue

The 2021 PRIMA leadership kick-off event focuses on essential leadership qualities in a precarious and challenging world.

On 22 March, the SNSF is holding a second event dedicated to leadership and diversity. During the one-day online conference, high-ranking experts such as Professor Helga Novotny, former^president of the European Research Council, will share their thoughts on how academic institutions and leaders can assume responsibility in a precarious and rapidly evolving world.

The public online event will address the following questions in particular:

  • How can we address conflicting expectations, uncertainty and robustness in the academic sector of Switzerland
  • How does the current state of academic culture and leadership impact responsiveness?
  • And what concrete actions can we take to address these questions?

The event will also serve as a platform to honour the PRIMA grantees and their scientific contributions. With the PRIMA funding scheme, the SNSF is contributing to greater diversity in research. For more information, please follow the invitation link below.