Swiss Quantum Call 2024

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For Swiss quantum researchers who aim to establish, foster and extend collaborations in Switzerland and abroad, as well as project partners from industry.

The Swiss Quantum Call 2024 is based on the strategic considerations of the Swiss Quantum Commission (SQC) and forms one part of the ongoing Swiss Quantum Initiative (SQI). A total budget of 16 million francs is available to fund projects (consisting of 10 million francs from the transitional measures and 6 million francs from the Swiss Quantum Initiative) provided by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

This call aims at strengthening Swiss Quantum research, particularly in view of the current non-association of Switzerland to Horizon Europe.

Independent early-career scientists and researchers not eligible for participation in quantum-related Horizon-Europe calls are encouraged to participate in this call.

The purpose of the call is to enable qualified researchers to carry out research with self-chosen goals independently and under their own responsibility on the following topics:

  • Quantum communication
  • Quantum computation
  • Quantum simulation
  • Quantum sensing
  • Quantum metrology

Furthermore, proposals in the following fields are welcome if they are key to the physical systems or engineering technologies within one of the above topics: Materials for quantum devices, Quantum control hardware, Quantum theory, Computer sciences.

The applicants must carry out their work independently, under their own responsibility and with objectives they have set for themselves.