NRP 11 "Safety Policy"

The National Research Programme “Safety Policy” (NRP 11) focused on research into all forms of threat that may arise from non-violent political power struggles in situations of relative peace as well as from indirect strategic approaches taken by an opponent.

The research topic was therefore the degree of vulnerability to which Switzerland was exposed, not only from the perspective of the country’s capabilities to defend itself against threats, but also in consideration of the will of the population and affected instances/institutions to counter these threats.

Facts and figures
Overall grantCHF 3,300,000
President of the Expert GroupJacques Freymond
Programme DirectorJacques Freymond
Completion of research work​1986

Final reports

  • J. Freymond, La paix dangereuse; Editions de la Baconnière, Neuchâtel, 1986
  • J. Freymond, Ernstfall Frieden-Gedanken zur schweizerischen Sicherheitspolitik, Benteli Verlag, Bern, 1987