SNSF Advanced Grants 2023

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Grants for leading researchers who want to conduct innovative, high-risk research in Switzerland.

Switzerland is still considered a non-associated third country in the Horizon Europe programme. On behalf of the federal government, the SNSF is launching a new call for its transitional measure "SNSF Advanced Grants" in 2023, aimed at researchers who intended to apply for an ERC Advanced Grant.

The call is open for applicants of any nationality who want to pursue innovative, high-risk research in Switzerland. The applicants must have a track record of outstanding research over the past ten years and must be recognised leaders in their fields.

Applicants whose project was rejected in the first or second stage of the evaluation for SNSF Advanced Grants 2022 can submit an application for the SNSF Advanced Grants 2023 call. However, recently submitted and evaluated proposals will not be treated as resubmissions but as new applications.

In addition, a researcher participating as principal investigator in an ongoing ERC frontier research grant project may not submit a proposal to the present SNSF Advanced Grants 2023 call, unless the ongoing project ends before the end of December 2025. An SNSF Advanced Grant can only start once the previous ERC frontier research grant agreement has ended.