Open Research Data: data management plans will be introduced in project funding

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Researchers who are applying for SNSF project funding will have to supply a data management plan (DMP) as of October 2017.

​The SNSF is introducing a new requirement in project funding: as of October 2017, researchers will have to submit a data management plan as an integral part of their research proposal.

Data management plans are an important step towards Open Research Data. A number of initiatives around the globe are striving to make science and, in particular, research data accessible to all. The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) agrees with the underlying principles of these initiatives.

Working together towards openness

Data management plans will encourage researchers to think about the lifecycle of their data before starting on their project. They are asked to deposit their data and metadata in non-commercial, digital repositories in formats that anyone can find, access and re-use, provided there are no legal, ethical or copyright constraints that stand in the way of disclosure. The SNSF will contribute to the upload costs.

The SNSF is currently finalising the guidelines for DMPs. The DMP requirements are such that every scientific discipline will be able to meet them. Further information is expected in spring 2017 and will be communicated and published on the SNSF website as it becomes available. Projects submitted for the April 2017 submission date will not have to provide a DMP.

Open research data is a fundamental contribution to the impact, transparency and reproducibility of scientific research.

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