Additional scientific training for physicians: 13 MD-PhD grants awarded

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Physicians can do a doctorate in natural sciences, public health or clinical research. The SNSF is financing seven of the 13 grants.

The National MD-PhD Commission has selected 13 physician-scientists. They will receive two to three years of financial support to complete their PhDs. The local MD-PhD commissions associated with the national MD-PhD grants programme had proposed 25 candidates.

The 2024 grants will be financed by five organisations. The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), which is in charge of the programme, will finance three grants, one of which through the Théodore Ott Fund. Swiss Cancer Research (KFS), the Monique Dornonville de la Cour Foundation (MDC) and the Synapsis Foundation Switzerland (SSS) will each fund one, and the SNSF will finance seven.

The following researchers have been awarded a grant for a maximum of three years:

  • Bancila Bianca, Département des Neurosciences fondamentales, Université de Genève (Ott Fund)
  • Beetschen Anna Sophia, Departement Biomedizin/Klinik für Infektiologie, Universität/Universitätsspital Basel (SNSF)
  • Born Tristan, Service des maladies infectieuses, CHUV Lausanne (SNSF)
  • Charmey Alisson, Forschungsgruppe Onkologie, Kinderspital Zürich (SAMS)
  • De Lange Glenn, Institut für Experimentelle Immunologie, Universität Zürich (SNSF)
  • Futterknecht Stefan, Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel, Universität Basel (SNSF)
  • Guedj Danaé, Département de pathologie et immunologie, Université de Genève (KFS)
  • Ottersberg Rahel, Department for Biomedical Research/Universitätsklinik für Herzchirurgie, Universität/Inselspital Bern (SAMS)
  • Palombella Luca, Department for Biomedical Research, Universität Bern (SNSF)
  • Pompizii Felix, Universitätsklinik für Neurologie, Inselspital Bern (SSS)
  • Schenker Timo, Departement Biomedizin/Klinik für Neurochirurgie, Universität/Universitätsspital Basel (MDC)
  • Schwenke Johannes, Departement Klinische Forschung, Universitätsspital/Universität Basel (SNSF)
  • Zoellin Jay, Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel, Universität Basel (SNSF)

MD-PhD programme will no longer be supported by the SNSF from 2025

From 2025, the SNSF will focus on supporting research projects and careers from the postdoctoral level onwards. It has therefore decided to discontinue its financial support for several current funding schemes at the end of 2024. Among others, the SNSF will no longer contribute to the MD-PhD programme. The SAMS intends to continue the MD-PhD programme. Further information can be found on the SAMS website.