SNSF media courses now exclusively for SNSF-funded researchers

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Researchers are also communicators. The SNSF offers exclusive media training, video and social media workshops as well as text courses to help you strengthen your media skills.

Science is in the public spotlight. Politicians, the media and society expect researchers to explain their work, ask questions and provide answers. We therefore support communication between researchers and the public and promote constructive dialogue between science and politics.

Do you want your research to reach a large audience?

In the SNSF course programme, you will train a strong media presence together with experienced experts. Whether in front of the TV camera or the radio microphone, in print media, on social media or in video interviews and video conferences. You will develop precise language that generates interest and gets to the heart of your research in an understandable way.

In the social media workshop, experts in the field will give you the tools you need to develop your own strategies and forms of presentation on social media. You will acquire the know-how to qualitatively assess content on social media and use it for your own communication needs.

Concise videos are among the most important formats in the world of social media. Making videos is now possible for everyone – both technically and creatively. In the workshop you will learn the most important steps, from the idea to the finished video. To take part, you will need to have basic knowledge of an editing program for mobile phones.

In the one-day media training, you will practise presenting your messages in front of a camera and microphone in an understandable and convincing way. The media training is also offered as a course exclusively for women researchers. The learning objective of this course is identical to the other courses. The focus here is on strengthening women researchers in a targeted way so that they are more visible in the media world with convincing arguments and a strong presence.

English media training is also available. It offers foreign-language researchers the opportunity to practise interviews primarily in a Swiss national language, while the course itself is conducted in English.

In the one-day intensive text course, you will learn to ensure your research findings are understood by a non-scientific audience.

All courses are aimed at researchers supported by us and at project staff with communication tasks. The course attendance fees will be paid by the SNSF. Training with experienced experts will give you valuable tools for convincing media appearances and show you ways to arouse media interest and effectively get to the heart of your message. Register now. Your registration is binding, and the number of places is limited.