Open access database: SNSF joins Europe PMC

The SNSF is further simplifying open access: it has become a member of Europe PMC, which maintains the world's largest repository for biomedicine.

Researchers funded by the SNSF can store their articles in the repository. This makes the articles accessible free of charge and the research results therein more visible. Some publishers will automatically upload all articles by SNSF-funded researchers to Europe PMC.

But the service goes beyond merely uploading documents. Europe PMC enriches the publications with information such as citation data and links from other databases. Automated searches within the texts can help users reap maximum benefit by seeing the insights published in the articles and databases in context.

Europe PMC contains 33.5 million abstracts, 4.6 million full-text articles and 5 million further entries, such as patents and clinical guidelines. The repository thus not only simplifies access to publications, it also offers a big picture view of biomedical research.

The SNSF wants free and public access for all SNSF-funded publications by 2020. Its participation in Europe PMC will make it easier for researchers to meet this requirement.