Gender equality in academia: which measures work?

The Gender Equality Commission of the SNSF has commissioned a comprehensive review of the measures used to promote women in research and of their effectiveness.

The review was compiled by a research team from the University of Basel led by Andrea Zimmermann. The goal: identify and understand existing gender equality measures and devise new and potentially transformative measures on this basis. This has resulted in a comprehensive body of resources, including recommendations for action.

The review will serve as a basis for the SNSF’s planning of future gender equality measures. The SNSF will pay particular attention to the three key dimensions highlighted in the review: a) increasing the number of women in research, b) promoting an equal and inclusive working environment, and c) creating gender-inclusive knowledge.

There are many ways of addressing the three key dimensions. Among these, diversity training for staff members, gender equality plans for institutions, and encouraging effective sex and gender reporting have proven to be particularly effective.