Longitudinal studies: CHF 26.5 million for two additional years

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The SNSF is continuing its funding for nine longitudinal studies (cohorts) in order to strengthen the quality of data in biomedical research

​Through its grants for longitudinal studies that allow the collection and analysis of data specific to the population or a long-term trend, the SNSF is supporting high-quality databases for the purposes of biomedical research. These studies, which generally have a multicentric focus and bring together research groups from various institutions, are supported jointly by several research institutions. The SNSF’s contributions to longitudinal studies are used for setting up the studies, recruiting participants, collecting and analysing data and operating and maintaining the database. Funding for the research projects is not included in this contribution and must be requested separately through the SNSF project funding scheme.

Continuing on basis of an intermediate evaluation

In 2013 the SNSF decided to fund nine longitudinal studies, dedicating a total of CHF 27 million to finance them for the first two years. An intermediate evaluation was conducted in 2015. In addition to scientific criteria and consideration of the importance of the study for the Swiss health system and its capacity to serve as a platform for national and international projects, the evaluation was based on the results obtained so far and the realization of intermediate steps established by the applicants in 2013. On the basis of this evaluation, the SNSF has decided to continue funding for these nine ongoing longitudinal studies for two further years, with a total amount of CHF 26.5 million.

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