New online database simplifies access to 80,000 projects

Topics, people and results: the new “Grant Search” database of the SNSF is set to supersede the existing P3 database, bringing even greater transparency to our research funding activities.

There is always an element of pride when SNSF staff talk about the P3 database. Since 2012, it has been a resource for conducting detailed searches on the projects and researchers the SNSF supports. The database also includes lay summaries. Each year, P3 handles more than 100,000 search queries.

But the end of the road is approaching. “While P3 has been a success story, it is no longer state-of-the-art and not compatible with mobile devices,” says Anne Jorstad, Head of the SNSF’s Data Team. “In addition, we want to offer more interactive functions.”

Extensive output data

For this reason, December 2021 will see the début of the SNSF’s new “Grant Search” database. The new database is compatible with mobile devices and can be easily modified to accommodate future needs. Like P3, it contains information on around 80,000 projects funded by the SNSF since 1975. Data on output – i.e. the products created as a result of the research – is considerably more extensive than previously. The Grant Search puts data sets, start-up companies and public communication activities on an equal footing with scientific publications. The old and new databases will run in parallel until spring 2022, when P3 will be shut down.

Explore the world of Swiss research

The Grant Search is intended both for researchers and a lay audience, so academics, politicians, journalists or teachers should all be able to find what they’re searching for quickly. “The new Grant Search database increases transparency and provides easy access to our data,” says Anne Jorstad with satisfaction and a touch of pride. “Anyone who’s interested can gain a deeper insight into our funding activities and the Swiss research landscape.”

SNSF Data Portal

The Grant Search is part of the Data Portal that the SNSF launched in 2019. This platform gives scientists and the public access to interactive key figures and analyses in the form of Data Stories. All data sets can be downloaded for processing.