FLAG-ERA Joint Transnational Call 2016: Networking Event in Rome

On 9 December 2015, the FLAG-ERA ERA-NET will hold a networking event for potential applicants to the coming Joint Transnational Call 2016 for Flagship Proof-of-Concept Projects.

​FLAG-ERA, the Flagship ERA-NET, brings together national and regional funding organisations in Europe and beyond with the goal of supporting the Future and Emerging Technology (FET) Flagship programme of the European Commission. Flagships propose a new model for long-term, large-scale initiatives in the European Research Area. It is based on a unifying vision, a core project serving this vision, and mechanisms to align efforts funded from various sources with this core project and toward this unifying vision.

In the process of selecting the first two Flagships, namely the Graphene Flagship and the Human Brain Project (HBP), six out of 21 submitted proposals were shortlisted and developed into Flagship Pilots. The four candidates that were not selected are: FuturICT, Guardian Angels, IT Future of Medicine, and Robot Companions. Even though they were not selected in the second phase, they have identified topics where the Flagship model could bring much added value and have generated considerable interest in many European countries. After a first Joint Transnational Call (JTC) dedicated to the two Flagships, FLAG-ERA has therefore planned a second JTC to build on the visions identified by the four Flagship Pilots.

On 9 December 2015, FLAG-ERA will hold a networking event in Rome for potential applicants to this upcoming Joint Transnational Call (JTC 2016). The objective of the event is to provide information about the JTC 2016 for Flagship Proof-of-Concept Projects to potential applicants, and to allow for networking, exchanges of ideas and consortium building. The call topics are:

  • ICT for Social Sciences
  • High-Efficiency Sensor Networks
  • Digital Medicine for Cancer
  • Cooperative Robots

The call text has not yet been finalised, but it is planned to fund only one project per research topic, i.e. a maximum number of four projects will be funded in the JTC 2016.

The SNSF will support the JTC 2016. More information on the participation requirements will be communicated soon. Meanwhile, interested Swiss researchers who have never obtained a project funding grant from the Mathematics, Natural and Engineering Sciences division of the SNSF are invited to contact the Administrative Offices of the SNSF.