NRP 39 "Migration and Intercultural Relations"

​The aim of the National Research Programme "Migration and Intercultural Relations" (NRP 39) is to achieve a better understanding of migration phenomena and intercultural relations. To this end, research will be carried out into the dynamics of migration processes, the associated social, economic and political consequences and the options for political control on a national and international plane.

Facts & figures

Overall funding

CHF 8'000'000

President of experts

Werner Haug

Direction of programme

Kurt Imhof, Rosita Fibbi

End of research


The expected results include decision-making documents for the political authorities, assistance for social workers responsible for migrants and the opening-up of a more objective public debate on migration.


H.-R. Wicker, R. Fibbi, W. Haug (Hrsg.), Migration und die Schweiz, Seismo-Verlag, Zürich 2003