Single postdoc scheme for fellowships abroad

As of 2021, the SNSF will support postdocs who wish to do research abroad with a single scheme: Postdoc.Mobility. The Early Postdoc.Mobility scheme is being integrated into Postdoc.Mobility.

​​​​​The SNSF fellowships fund a research stay abroad, which generally lasts two years. It enables researchers to acquire more in-depth knowledge, increases their scientific independence and enhances their research profile. The fellowships are aimed at researchers who wish to pursue an academic career in Switzerland after their time abroad.

"By integrating Early Postdoc.Mobility into Postdoc.Mobility, we are simplifying our fellowship schemes," says Marcel Kullin, Head of the Careers division at the SNSF. Fellowships are an important part of the SNSF's promotion of young researchers. In 2019, the SNSF approved 490 new grants with an overall budget of 45 million francs for these two schemes.

Overall performance counts

In addition, the SNSF adapted the Regulations on Postdoc.Mobility in August 2020. They are now closely aligned with the DORA (San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment) principles. The SNSF assesses the overall performance of researchers when evaluating project proposals.

Additional support for families

The further adaptations include: fathers can now request a one-month paternity leave. As of 2021, it will also be possible to apply for a Flexibility Grant to cover childcare costs during the return phase. "Postdoc.Mobility already offers good conditions for families, for example an annual allowance of up to 12,000 francs per child. Thanks to the changes, the SNSF will be able to offer additional support to researchers with a family who wish to work abroad," says Marcel Kullin.

Who can apply for a Postdoc.Mobility fellowship? Researchers need to hold a doctorate or complete it within the next nine months. Holders of a medical degree are also eligible to submit an application. You will find the detailed eligibility requirements and the new Postdoc.Mobility Regulations on the SNSF website (see link).

Call in November

The first call of the new Postdoc.Mobility scheme will be launched on 1 November 2020. There will be two submission deadlines per year (1 February and 1 August). The applications will be evaluated by the SNSF Research Council.

Information on Postdoc.MobilityExternal Link IconPostdoc.Mobility Regulations, enter into force on 1 November 2020 (PDF)​​News "All research achievements count" (3 August 2020)