Longitudinal studies: three additional years

The SNSF is continuing its funding for six longitudinal studies in order to enhance data quality in biomedical research.

Since 2005, the SNSF has maintained databases of high quality for biomedical research. Longitudinal studies (cohorts) allow researchers to collect data on study populations or on medical indications over a longer period. Based on an evaluation conducted by an international panel of experts, the SNSF has decided to continue its support for six of the ongoing longitudinal studies for an additional three-year period.

Due to budgetary constraints, the SNSF invited only consortia from ongoing studies to submit an application for continued support during the 2017-2020 period. Two other studies will only receive further funding to finalise their work and to ensure that the data collected until now is made available to the scientific community.

Longitudinal studies generally include patients from different hospitals or from specific populations, and they bring together research groups made up of scientists from a number of research institutions. The total amount of funding awarded to longitudinal studies until the end of 2020 is 32.5 million Swiss francs.

Supported projects:

  • Günthard Huldrych, Universitätsspital Zürich,Swiss HIV Cohort Study(SHCS)
  • Rogler Gerhard, Universitätsspital Zürich,Swiss Inflammatory Bowel Disease Cohort Study(SIBDCS)
  • Steiger Jürg Ulrich, Universitätsspital Basel,Swiss Transplant Cohort Study
  • Gmel Gerhard, CHUV,Cohort study on Substance Use Risk Factors(C-SURF)
  • Preisig Martin, CHUV, Site de Cery,Cardiovascular diseases and psychiatric disorders in the general population: a prospective follow-up study
  • Probst-Hensch Nicole, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, SAPALDIA 5 -Cohort on Healthy Aging