NRP 48 "Landscapes and Habitats of the Alps"

​The National Research Programme "Landscapes and Habitats of the Alps" (NFP 48)aims to acquire the knowledge on goals and actions needed for a socially desired, economically acceptable and politically feasible landscape development. En-dogenous and exogenous causalities of landscape development should be recognised, requirements and standards for a sustainable landscape development should be analysed and possible approaches in the relevant political fields and scopes of actions should be elaborated.

Facts & figures
FrameworkCHF 15'000'000
​Duration5 Years
​​President of the steering committeeBernard Lehmann, Institut für Agrarwirtschaft, ETH Zürich
Communication OfficerUrs Steiger, Luzern
Programme CoordinatorStefan Husi, SNSF
Start of researchSpring 2002