NRP 06 "Decision Processes in Swiss Democracy"

The objectives of the research projects carried out in the scope of the National Research Programme "Decision Processes in Swiss Democracy" (NRP 06) were as follows:

  • To gain deeper understanding of the actual processes involved in political decision-making
  • To develop practical recommendations for the shaping of political decision-making processes in Swiss democracy, both in institutional and non-institutional settings

Facts and figures

Overall grant

CHF 5,500,000

President of the Expert Group

Manfred Rehbinder

Programme Director

Wolf Linder

Completion of research work


Final report

Wolf Linder, Politische Entscheidung und Gesetzesvollzug in der Schweiz, Verlag Paul Haupt, Bern, 1987/La décision politique en Suisse - Genèse et mise en oeuvre de la législation, Editions Réalités sociales, Lausanne, 1987