NRP 09 "Mechanisms and Development of Swiss Economy and their Social Consequences"

The recession in 1975 and the following developments created new challenges for Swiss economic policy. In view of the changed global economic conditions, international relations and domestic demand, there was a need to better recognise the mechanisms and dependen-cies within the Swiss economy.The National Research Programme “Mechanisms and Development of Swiss Economy and their Social Consequences” (NRP 09) was intended to fund research that would offer the Swiss economy and in particular economic policymakers additional decision-making tools for the medium term.

Facts & figures

Overall budget

CHF 8,000,000

President of the Expert Group

Hans Würgler

Programme Director

Heidi Schelbert

Completion of research work


Final reports

  • H. Schelbert-Syfrig, M. Bernegger, Ph. Halbherr, N. Harabi (Hrsg.)
    Band I: Die Schweizerische Wettbewerbsfähigkeit auf dem Prüfstand: Herausforderung an Politik, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft
  • Band II: Die Schweiz unter flexiblen Wechselkursen, Verlag Paul Haupt, Bern, 1988
  • Vol. I: La compétitivité de la Suisse en question: un défi pour la politique, l'économie, et la science
  • Vol. II: L'économie suisse sous le régime des changes flottants; Editions Georg, Genève, 1988