Science communication: SNSF receives 50 Agora proposals

In summer 2015, the SNSF received 50 proposals for its Agora funding scheme. Agora promotes exchanges between researchers and the public.

​While the number of Agora proposals last year was rather low at 28, this year saw that figure nearly doubled as no less than 50 proposals were submitted to the SNSF. Three of the approved applications were later withdrawn. For the remaining 47, an overall budget of CHF  7.2 million has been made available.

Half of the submitted applications covered the humanities and social sciences, 17% the natural and engineering sciences and 33% biology and medicine. The SNSF will communicate its funding decisions in January 2016.

The SNSF's Agora scheme is aimed at promoting the spread of knowledge and facilitating the exchange of ideas and opinions about scientific research.

Agora - Exchanges between researchers and the public