Postdoc.Mobility fellowships support postdocs who wish to conduct a research stay abroad.

The fellowships are generally awarded for 24 months, but never for less than 12 months. The total duration of a Postdoc.Mobility fellowship and any other SNSF mobility fellowships obtained by the recipient may not exceed 36 months. Recipients of an (Advanced) Postdoc.Mobility fellowship may apply for a return phase of 3 to 12 months at a research institution in Switzerland.

Evaluation procedure

The SNSF will be introducing a new feature in the evaluation process for the Postdoc.Mobility call of 1 August 2019. As always, the SNSF will subject all applications to a stringent scientific evaluation procedure and rate them by applying pre-defined criteria. Based on assessments by referees and co-referees and the comparison and discussion of applications by the evaluation body, a small share of applications may emerge that are of equal quality and equally worthy of funding. As no further differentiation is possible, decisions for this group of applications will be taken by drawing lots. Applicants who are excluded as a result of this procedure, will be informed accordingly in the rejection letter.