NRP 72 Antimicrobial Resistance

On 24 June 2015, the Federal Council approved the new National Research Programme "Antimicrobial Resistance" (NRP 72) and mandated the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) to conduct the NRP.

With its holistic and interdisciplinary one-health approach, NRP 72 aims to contribute to reducing antimicrobial resistance and complications in treating infectious diseases.

The research programme is expected to increase our knowledge about the origin of resistance genes and their distribution mechanisms, develop swift diagnostic tools, analyses new antimicrobial molecules and propose intervention measures.

Facts & figures
Overall fundingCHF 20'000'000
​Period of Research​5 years
​President of the Steering Committee​Joachim Frey, University of Bern
​WT Knowledge and Technology TransferStéphane Praz
Programme Manager​Barbara Flückiger Schwarzenbach, SNSF
​Open call17 September 2015