European QuantERA network: four projects co-funded

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Microscopy, quantum computers and quantum networks of tomorrow: 24 transnational projects receive funding worth more than 27 million francs. Four of them are led by Swiss-based scientists funded by the SNSF.

QuantERA's latest call, launched in early 2023, focused on quantum technologies. These include quantum communication and simulations, quantum computing and metrology, and quantum imaging. At the European level, 101 applications were submitted (18 of them in Switzerland or with a Swiss partner). The overall success rate was 23.8% (22.2% in Switzerland). Of the 24 approved projects, 18 will work with a partner from a country in the enlarged European Union, and four have SNSF-funded researchers from Switzerland.

Switzerland's contribution to the next quantum revolution

By bringing together leading scientists from Croatia, Finland, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, the QNet project aims to develop concepts and methods for manipulating quantum information in the presence of disorder and dissipation, with a focus on transport in quantum networks with long-range interactions.

The GeMOS project focuses on germanium-based semiconductor nanostructures whose properties could facilitate the fabrication of qubit systems (a qubit being the smallest quantum information storage unit) on a large scale. It is a collaboration between academic and industrial partners from Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland.

The SiCqurTech project is also looking into qubit systems but based on silicon carbide (SiC). The interdisciplinary consortium of researchers from Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland hopes to develop "off-the-shelf" quantum technology and exploit its potential for quantum networks.

By combining different quantum imaging modalities, the QM3 project aims to revolutionise the field of medical imaging. To achieve this, researchers from Germany, France, Poland and Switzerland aim to develop a multimodal microscopy demonstrator that would be the first pilot application of this technology in biomedical imaging.

Transnational research

QuantERA is a consortium of 41 research funding agencies from 31 countries in Europe and beyond. Since 2016, it has been funding top-quality multidisciplinary research in the field of quantum technologies. The QuantERA consortium is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.