Ten MD-PhD fellowships awarded

The SNSF, the SAMS and the Swiss cancer research foundation will support ten young medical researchers in doing their MD-PhDs.

The national MD-PhD commission has awarded fellowships to 10 of the 23 medical researchers proposed by the local MD-PhD commissions.

Three organisations are sponsoring the fellowships in 2018: the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), which leads the initiative, will finance two fellowships, the SNSF seven and the Swiss cancer research foundation (KFS) one.

The fellowships may exceed the maximum salary (as defined by the salary range for doctoral students) by 10% and include the social security contributions made by the employer. They are awarded for up to three years.

The following persons have been awarded a fellowship:

  • David Bächinger, ORL-Klinik, Universitätsspital Zürich (SNF)
  • Dr. Aurélie Bochet, Département de psychiatrie, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (SNF)
  • Philippe Georg Dehio, Departement Biomedizin, Universität Basel (SNF)
  • Tanay Kaymak, Departement Biomedizin, Universität Basel (SNF)
  • Adrien Lavalley, Département des neurosciences fondamentales, Université de Genève (SAMW)
  • Marie-Anne Meier, Departement Biomedizin, Universität Basel (KFS)
  • Marc Pfefferlé, Klinik und Poliklinik für innere Medizin, Universitätsspital Zürich (SNF)
  • Josefine Ruder, Klinik für Neurologie, Universitätsspital Zürich (SNF)
  • Florian Ruiz, Département des neurosciences cliniques, CHUV, Lausanne (SAMW)
  • Frédérica Schyrr, EPFL-ISREC et Service d’hématologie du CHUV, Lausanne (SNF)