Academic events: SNSF grant recipients often contribute internationally


An analysis of 16,000 academic events associated with SNSF grants revealed a high degree of internationality. 67% of the contributions were made to events organised outside Switzerland, and the majority were in Europe.

There are many ways to communicate research results in addition to publications in scientific journals. Academic events, such as scientific conferences, allow researchers to share results with the scientific community and to network. The SNSF collects data about the following types of contributions to academic events:

  • Talk given at a scientific conference
  • Poster presented at a scientific conference
  • Individual talk (e.g., for a seminar, workshop, colloquium or as an invited speaker)

Through its funding, the SNSF supports contributions to scientific events related to the research funded. When an SNSF grant is completed, recipients are asked to provide a list of contributions made to various academic events. For this data story, we analysed the reported contributions to academic events for recently completed grants (those funded in 2017 and 2018). We also focused on our main funding instruments, namely Project funding and Careers.