PRIMA grants are aimed at excellent women researchers who show a high potential for obtaining a professorship.

PRIMA grantees conduct an independent research project with their own team at a Swiss research institution. PRIMA grants cover the grantee's salary and project costs for a five-year period. With this competitive grant, PRIMA grantees can carve out a name for themselves and take the next step up the academic career ladder: a professorship. If a PRIMA grantee is appointed as a professor in Switzerland during the funding period, the remaining amount of the PRIMA grant will be transferred to the new place of work as research funds.

Changes in the PRIMA Regulations

The following four provisions in the PRIMA Regulations have been amended:

  • Applicants who also meet the personal requirements for Ambizione can no longer have their PRIMA application considered also for the Ambizione funding scheme.
  • The eligibility criteria for clinical researchers have been reviewed. Clinical researchers can now submit a PRIMA application up to 14 years after obtaining their medical licence. They must also have at least 3 years of clinical experience.
  • Extensions of the eligibility period are no longer limited to one year. Their duration now reflects the actual duration of the encountered delay. Furthermore, in the event of maternity after obtaining the doctorate (or equivalent qualification) or medical licence, the eligibility period can be extended by 18 months per child or longer if documented. Please refer to Clause 1.11 of the General implementation regulations for the Funding Regulations.
  • Costs for open access publications are no longer covered by the PRIMA grant and must be applied for separately via mySNF.