Simplified process for joint research projects with Sweden

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The Swedish funding agency Formas has joined the Weave process, thereby simplifying the submission of proposals. Research areas are environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning.

The Weave process enables researchers in Switzerland and Sweden to submit a joint proposal to either of the two national funding organisations. Both the research question and the research plan are jointly formulated. The subprojects conducted in each country are interdependent and cannot be carried out separately.

The Swedish funding organisation Formas supports research projects in the areas environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning.

Budget and requirements

The Weave process is part of the SNSF's project funding scheme. There is no additional budget and the usual project funding requirements apply. For example, researchers may only submit a Weave proposal if there are no thematic overlaps with other applications under evaluation at the SNSF or with ongoing projects.

Applicants can choose which funding organisation they want to apply to for financial support. They can submit the application either to the SNSF by the usual 1 April and 1 October deadlines, or in April to Formas (21 April 2022). In addition, trilateral projects with research partners from nine countries or regions signed up to the Weave process are possible.

Further funding offer

Joint projects can also be carried out under the International Co-Investigator Scheme. Researchers in Switzerland can use up to 50 per cent of the budget requested from the SNSF for applicants from Sweden. The same applies conversely to projects submitted to the Swedish Research Council together with Swiss applicants.

Expanding international cooperation

With Sweden joining, eleven European countries or regions are now involved in the Weave process. In addition, the SNSF has concluded bilateral Lead Agency agreements with four countries or regions, including South Africa and the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. A bilateral process with the USA is planned.