NRP 70 Energy Turnaround

​The NRP "Energy Turnaround" aims to contribute towards solutions that will ensure a sustainable energy policy for Switzerland. The programme will focus on technological innovations (technology developments), which will be applied to the relevant market segments and integrated into value chains within these segments. In this way, scientific insights gained in the programme will be put into practice as quickly as possible.

Facts & figures

Overall fundingCHF 37'000'000
​Period of research5 years
​​President of the Steering Committee​Hans-Rudolf Schalcher, Küsnacht
​Team for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT-Team)​Dr. Andrea Leu (team leader), Senarclens, Leu + Partner AG, Zurich
Oliver Wimmer, cR Kommunikation AG, Zurich
Programme co-ordinator​Stefan Husi, SNSF
Call for proposals8 July 2013