SPIRIT promotes international cooperation

With SPIRIT, the SNSF is further expanding its support for knowledge exchange between Swiss researchers and researchers from selected partner countries. Pre-proposals may be submitted all year round.

Launched in February of this year, SPIRIT stands for: Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Teams. The programme promotes international cooperation between Swiss researchers and their colleagues in selected low- and middle-income countries. Among other things, the funded projects contribute to the education of researchers in all countries involved. Also, a special focus lies on promoting women researchers and on raising awareness of gender-specific issues.

The SNSF has opened a rolling call that allows researchers to submit pre-proposals all year round. Researchers whose pre-proposals are approved by the evaluation commissions are invited to submit a full proposal. The SNSF funds up to twelve projects every year, each lasting up to four years and costing between 50,000 and 500,000 francs.