Neuro Séance: the interactive show on neuropsychology at Natural History Museum Bern

The show "Neuro Scéance" portrays the world of a spiritualist around 1900 and juxtaposes it with the rational world of today's neuropsychology. Peter Brugger, professor at the University Hospital in Zurich, unravels esoteric and spiritual secrets and offers scientific explanations for seemingly supernatural phenomena.

The show lasts around 90 minutes and includes theatre, knowledge transfer and a live experiment. It is funded through the SNSF’s "Agora" funding scheme – and takes place this time within the Mad Scientist Festival. Two days of music, theatre and art dealing with phyics, chemistry and biology. And a lot more.

Date and venue: 5th September 2014, 7.30 p.m., Natural History Museum Bern