NRP 21 "Cultural Diversity and National Identity"

​The National Research Programme "Cultural Diversity and National Identity" (NRP 21) pursued two major objectives. First it aimed to produce understanding of the definition, origins and impact of the Swiss national identity, and second it sought to provide a contemporary framework for the protection of national identity and cultural diversity. Cultural diversity and national identity were investigated in respect of their diachronic development (historical/genetic aspects), a synchronic-analytical inventory, a critical synchronic requirements catalogue (state of the art and required funding measures), as well as in respect of future prospects and planning objectives.

Facts and figures
Overall budgetCHF 12,000,000
President of the Expert GroupG. Lüdi
Programme DirectorG. Kreis
Completion of research work​1991

Final reports

  • Die Schweiz unterwegs, Kreis G., Helbing & Lichtenhahn, Basel, Frankfurt a. Main, 1993
  • La Suisse chemin faisant, Kreis G., L'Age d'homme, Lausanne, 1994
  • La Svizzera in cammino, Kreis G., Armando Dadï editore, Locarno, 1995

Research reports (in German; PDF, 64 KB) (PDF)