Flexibility Grant

Pursue your career while raising a family

Flexibility grants are aimed at postdocs and doctoral students who have to look after children at an important stage in their career and are therefore in need of more flexibility. The Flexibility Grant offers researchers two options to balance their professional and private lives: on the one hand, it can provide funding to help cover the external child care costs charged to the researcher. On the other hand, it can be used to help finance the salary of a support person, allowing the grantee to reduce his/her work quota. The two measures can also be combined.

  • Participation requirements

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    • Because of work commitments, your child is in external childcare on three working days per week. And you yourself can cover at the most one of the remaining two days.
    • You are employed as a doctoral student or postdoc in a research project funded by the SNSF. An additional requirement for postdocs is a work-time percentage of at least 80%; doctoral students can apply for coverage of child care costs irrespective of their work-time percentage. Ambizione, PRIMA, Postdoc.Mobility return grant and Doc.CH grant holders may also apply for a Flexibility Grant.
    • Holders of a Postdoc.Mobility return grant and doctoral students may only apply for the grant to cover child care costs, they are not eligible for a contribution towards a support person.
  • How To

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    Submission of proposals

    The applications must be submitted via the mySNF platform. Project leaders can authorise employees paid by the main grant to access mySNF so that they can complete the Flexibility Grant application by themselves. Applications are assessed in the order of their submission.

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