Doc.CH: SNSF supports 21 doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences

The SNSF awards Doc.CH grants to 21 young researchers who wish to write a doctoral thesis in the humanities and social sciences. They receive 216,000 francs per grant on average.

The SNSF increased its support for doctoral students by initiating Doc.CH in 2013. The scheme allows promising researchers to request a grant so that they can write a doctoral thesis.

By 10 March 2020, date of the 15th submission deadline for Doc.CH, 99 applications had been submitted (humanities: 61, social sciences: 38). The Research Commissions of the SNSF recommended 38 candidates for the second phase.

In July 2020, the SNSF awarded 21 grants (13 in the humanities and 8 in the social sciences). The grantees will work at eight Swiss universities. 62% of the grantees are women and 38% men. They will receive an average of 216,000 francs per project to cover the project costs and their own salary. The average duration of the grants is 41 months (Doc.CH grants can last for 2 to 4 years).

The next submission deadline for Doc.CH grants is 10 September 2020.