Gender equality grant to boost the careers of young women researchers

As of mid-April, women working in projects or benefiting from career funding schemes at doctoral or postdoctoral level will be entitled to a gender equality grant for measures such as mentoring, coaching or networking meetings.

The SNSF is implementing another gender equality measure, as announced in the multi-year programme 2012-16: the gender equality grant offers SNSF-funded young women researchers additional individualised and flexible support for their career development. As in other countries, a higher share of women than of men drops out of science in Switzerland.

Boosting careers

The following young women researchers may receive a gender equality grant for the purpose of furthering their careers:

  • Beneficiaries of SNSF funding schemes (with the exception of SNSF professorships and Assistant Professor Energy Grants)
  • Female collaborators in SNSF-funded projects who are employed at a Swiss institution

The gender equality grant may be used to cover the costs of mentoring, coaching, career building courses, network meetings and other networking events, but not family support measures, such as childcare.

Deficit guarantee

The gender equality grant belongs to the category of eligible costs. However, it need not be applied for, rather it is covered by a so-called deficit guarantee. An eligible person receives a maximum of CHF 1,000 for career development measures per 12 months project duration. The gender equality grant is aimed at young women researchers at doctoral or postdoctoral level (at universities of applied sciences also at women without a doctorate). A work-time percentage of 60 per cent is a prerequisite. All projects in the eligible funding schemes approved as of 15 April 2014 are entitled to the new grant.