Ambizione: a boost for research careers

© Nicolas Hansen

The SNSF has awarded grants for its Ambizione funding scheme in 2023. The highest rated of 435 submitted projects will be funded. 97 early-career researchers can now take a big step forward in their career.

Since 2008, the SNSF has launched Ambizione calls to promote promising early-career researchers from Switzerland and abroad. Scientific staff at higher education institutions can also apply for Ambizione grants.

Higher share of women

In November 2022, 435 researchers submitted an Ambizione application. 169 applicants reached the second phase of the evaluation process. Following this two-step evaluation, the SNSF awarded 97 grants worth 77.5 million francs. With 43 grants (44.3 per cent) going to women, the targeted share of 35 per cent female awardees was clearly exceeded.

Thanks to their Ambizione grant, the 97 researchers will be able to conduct and manage their first independent project at a higher education institution or other institution in Switzerland. On average, they will receive 800,000 francs. The SNSF is giving them the opportunity to take a big step forward in their career. In so doing, it is making an important contribution to the promotion of early-career researchers.

Wide range of topics

Of the approved projects, 42 per cent are in mathematics, the natural sciences and engineering, 35 per cent in the humanities and social sciences, and 23 per cent in biology and medicine. This distribution is reflected in the wide range of topics. For instance, Laura Hendriks (HES-SO) will apply radiocarbon and isotope analysis of natural organic dyes and pigments to cultural heritage objects. Chiara Redaelli (University of Geneva) will investigate the meaning of peace in international law. And Gabriel Smith (ETH Zurich) will explore the global relationship between forest size and forest productivity.

Most of the projects will start in autumn 2023 and run for four years.