Second call of the modified Sinergia programme: 14 projects approved

The SNSF will fund 14 new Sinergia projects with a total amount of CHF 27.84 million.

A total of 68 Sinergia proposals from 86 disciplines were submitted to the Swiss National Science Foundation by 1 December 2016. They can be assigned to the different research areas as follows: 25% humanities and social sciences; 34% mathematics, natural and engineering sciences; 41% biology and medicine.  With 14 projects obtaining a grant, the success rate corresponds to 21%.

Overall, the applicants requested financial resources amounting to 150 million Swiss francs. The funds requested in the approved proposals were cut by 5% on average. 65% of the grantees work at a Swiss university or ETH, 7% at a university of applied sciences and 11% at a research centre.

With its Sinergia grants, the SNSF promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between two to four research groups whose projects involve breakthrough research.

Sinergia - interdisciplinary, collaborative and breakthrough