NRP 46 “Implants and Transplants“


The National Research Programme “Implants and Transplants“ (NRP 46) intends to focus on several sets of issues - it aims to:

  • Promote research in state-of-the-art, future-oriented areas of implant and transplant technology, wherever such research is not promoted by industry
  • Transfer results of this research to therapeutic applications (clinical studies, transfer of knowledge and know-how, implementation)
  • Initiate projects dealing with relevant legal, ethical, economic and/or psychosocial issues
  • Foster interdisciplinary projects to link up issues from the humanities and social sciences with biology and medicine
  • Actively inform on the current state of research and participate in the social debate on the future development of transplant and implant technology
  • Stimulate discussion of socially relevant issues within the branches of science directly concerned

Applicational aspects

  • In vitro tissue generation
  • In-situ tissue regeneration
  • Generating matrices for cell and transplant tissue
  • Transplantation of allogenous or xenogenous cells
  • Stem cell transplants/Use of umbilical cord blood
  • Tolerance induction
  • Transplants from living donors

Facts & figures


CHF 15'000'000


5 Years

President of the steering committee

Gilbert Thiel, 4103 Bottmingen

Implementation Officer

Max E. Hauck, Riehen

Scientific secretariat

Beat Butz, SNSF

Start of the research

February 2003