COST supports 45 new Actions and four Innovators Grants

COST unterstützt Forschungsnetzwerke in Europa und darüber hinaus.

New COST Actions will start in autumn 2020 and are open for participation as of now. In addition, four Innovators Grants for the first time allow ongoing Actions to be extended.

The COST Scientific Committee evaluated approx. 400 applications for new COST Actions and selected 45. Swiss applicants are taking part in 22 of the funded Actions, three approved Actions were submitted by a Principal Investigator based in Switzerland.

What is the goal of COST and its Actions?

The COST programme (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) aims at facilitating breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts and products. COST brings together European researchers, enabling them to jointly develop their own ideas and new initiatives across all science and technology fields through trans-European cooperation.

COST activities are carried out in the form of networks, called COST Actions. A COST Action lasts four years. COST does not fund the research itself, but supports different networking tools for researchers, such as meetings, short-term scientific exchanges, training schools and dissemination activities as elements of COST Actions.

Taking part is simple

The new COST Actions, as well as all those already under way, can be joined by researchers and experts linked to institutions in Switzerland. The names of all Actions can be found in the database indicated below. In order to participate in a specific Action, please contact the researchers who are already involved. They will be able to tell you about working groups and planned activities. If you wish to take part in the management committee of an Action, please send the SNSF a statement of interest together with your CV. All options, detailed requirements and a sample statement of interest can be found on the COST page of the SNSF website.

Submission deadline for new Actions

The next submission deadline for new COST Actions has been moved forward from 29 April 2020 to 29 October 2020.

COST Innovators Grants: Actions extended

For the first time, the COST Scientific Committee awarded four Innovators Grants. They are aimed at accelerating high-end innovation by serving as a conduit between scientific research under COST Actions and marketable applications. Innovator Grants provide an extension of one year for a COST Action that shows market or innovation potential. The grant covers activities needed to translate the results in the scientific network into a marketable or technical solution. Applications for an Innovators Grant are made by the management committee of the Action during the fourth year.

An Action extended in this way remains open to all, but no new members are admitted to its management committee.

COST research projects in Switzerland

Every year, the SNSF launches a call for COST research projects aimed at supporting Swiss research within the scope of COST Actions. Project applications for the 45 new Actions can be submitted to the SNSF for the 2021 call.