Update for SNSF Starting Grants 2022: position requirement details and Q&A session

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The SNSF Starting Grants call opened on 1.12.2021. The integrative call combines the transitional measure for the 2022 ERC Starting Grant and the Eccellenza call 2022.

The SNSF has clarified the position requirements for SNSF Starting Grant recipients. The goal is to better address specific situations at host institutions in Switzerland. An SNSF Starting Grant recipient must hold the position and title of assistant professor for at least the duration of the grant. For institutions that do not offer assistant professorships, an equivalent position involving independent project and management responsibility (“group leader position”) is accepted.

For details, please refer to the updated template of the mandatory confirmation letter (link below).

Under the SNSF Starting Grant (maximum of 1.8 million CHF for 5 years), applicants request either their own salary and project costs or only project costs for the duration of the grant.

Applicants can contact the Grant Offices and the SNSF directly (stg@snf.chExternal Link Icon).

On 6 January 2022, 08:30 – 10:00, the SNSF is offering an online Q&A session for all researchers interested in applying for an SNSF Starting Grant (link below).