Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP): European call

The CETP is launching its second transnational call for research, technological development and innovation proposals on topics linked to the energy transition. Swiss-based researchers can participate.

The CETP is a strategic, multilateral partnership of national and regional research, development and innovation (RDI) programmes in the EU member states and associated countries. It aims to accelerate the energy transition and support the implementation of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan.

This partnership aims to promote the transition to clean energy and contribute to the EU's goal of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. It brings together public and private stakeholders from both European and non-European research and innovation ecosystems, with a view to fostering transnational innovation ecosystems and unifying this research and innovation sector. The objectives of the CETP are:

  • Creating innovation ecosystems that support capacity building at all levels
  • Developing and demonstrating technology and solutions for the transition of energy systems
  • Building a transnational transformative joint programming platform

Swiss-based researchers can join consortia

This partnership will enable 50 funding agencies from 30 countries to align their priorities and pool national budgets to launch annual joint calls from 2022 to 2027. A budget of 121 million euros should be available for this second call.

Even though Switzerland is not currently associated to Horizon Europe, the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) have joined the CETP. Swiss-based applicants can join research consortia under the same conditions as those based in EU member states and other participating countries.

The SNSF is participating in four call modules

To cover different topics and approaches to RDI, the call is structured into 12 Call Modules dedicated to different technologies and/or energy systems. These call modules cover multiple research-oriented approaches (ROA) and innovation-oriented approaches (IOA), which have reached different Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) and therefore complement each other. The SNSF is involved in Call Modules 4, 8, 9 and 10A, which address the capture, utilisation and storage of carbon; integrated regional energy systems; integrated industrial energy systems; and clean energy integration in the built environment respectively.

Supported by the SNSF

An international panel will evaluate the pre- and full proposals. Each partner in a consortium will be supported by a funding agency in their country or region. Swiss-based applicants conducting basic research must be eligible for the SNSF project funding scheme and are strongly encouraged to contact the SNSF if they plan to submit an application. In addition to the application to the CETP, an administrative application must also be submitted to the SNSF. The eligibility criteria and participation requirements of national/regional funding organisations as well as further detailed information are available on the programme's official website. The deadline for submission of the mandatory pre-proposals is 22 November 2023.

For your information: a call for the new National Research Programme on the “Future Baukultur: Valuing Built Space” (NRP 81) will be launched in December 2023. Because of its thematic proximity to the CETP call, we encourage interested researchers to stay updated.