High number of applications

The SNSF uses approximately half of its budget for its "Project funding" scheme. Over 1000 proposals were submitted by researchers in response to the latest call.

"It's very satisfying to see our project funding scheme attract so much interest from researchers," says Thomas Werder Schläpfer, member of the SNSF Executive Management. "This again confirms how important the scheme is for established researchers in Switzerland." Researchers who receive a grant will independently carry out a project on a topic of their own choice.

The 1007 applications are fairly evenly distributed across the research areas: 356 are in mathematics, natural and engineering sciences, 341 in biology and medicine and 310 in humanities and social sciences. The average budget requested per project is 690,000 francs.

17 years after the doctorate

On average, the applicants are 48 years old and completed their doctorate 17 years ago. 20% are applying for SNSF project funding for the first time. As in the previous call, women submitted 29% of the proposals overall; the share of women was twice as high in the humanities and social sciences (40%) as in the STEM subjects.

As usual, the majority of applicants (61%) are researchers from universities. A further 24% work in the ETH Domain, 11% at a university of applied sciences or university of teacher education and 4% at other research institutions.

Decision in autumn

The submitted proposals are currently undergoing a rigorous evaluation process. In autumn 2021, the National Research Council will decide which of the 1007 projects will be funded.

Researchers can submit applications for project funding twice a year. In spring 2021, the SNSF already approved 210 million francs for 314 projects.