The countdown for AI has also begun in research

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When the chatbot becomes co-author and projects without artificial intelligence are not possible. Smart algorithms are also shaking up science.

Science has a new key research partner: artificial intelligence. The research magazine Horizons takes a close look at AI's work. In the current issue, experts discuss how good – or bad – it is when smart computer programs write abstracts or reviews. Science philosopher Claus Beisbart makes man and machine a common subject of cognition. The magazine also shows in which research projects AI makes all the difference. It even indulges in some crystal-ball-gazing to try and predict how reinforcement learning could revolutionise self-learning algorithms.

Horizons also meets five researchers who have become stars on Twitter, Instagram and similar sites.

Other highlights include: Why the placebo effect itself has a placebo effect, how high-precision technology for missions to the Moon and Mars is created in a clean room at the University of Bern, and why scientific integrity faces a challenge in Swiss federalism.

The latest issue of Horizons is just as diverse as research itself – and, as always, accessible for everyone.

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