Research magazine Horizons: Ready, steady, study!

© Gian Paul Lozza

Practising tennis shots in the lab, one after another – our current issue of Horizons shows how university laboratories are investigating the success of sports stars and how sports science has established itself as a discipline.

Sports are all about the body and not about reason and logic. The obvious conclusion: there is no need for science. Wrong! As sports science has shown in the last twenty years. The current Horizons takes you through the obstacle course that the still young discipline had to cover in its striving to gain recognition and invites you on a visit to some university training labs. In addition, it challenges the notion of fairness in three areas - doping, gender and equipment - and shows how we can overcome laziness with sport psychologist Boris Cheval.

In the second key topic, Horizons shows – in the form of faces as well as figures – what cooperation with the EU means for Swiss research and what a long-term exclusion from Horizon Europe would mean.

Other highlights include: how stick insects and wild tomatoes can help us to answer the big questions of life; to what extent our thinking is influenced by the use of generic masculine words; and why Romanian Oana Ciobanu is researching migration in Switzerland.

As always, the latest issue of Horizons is as diverse as research itself. And accessible to everyone!