Where research meets the people: 18 new Agora projects approved

Following the 10th call for proposals for its Agora funding scheme, the SNSF has approved 18 new projects submitted by researchers aiming to share their research with the public.

Of the 51 submitted project proposals, the SNSF will support 18 with a total amount of just over CHF 3.4 million, which corresponds to approximately 35% of the amount requested. 55% of the funded projects are related to the humanities and social sciences, 28% to mathematics, natural and engineering sciences and 17% to biology and medicine.

In one of the projects, Anne Sauro of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland aims to raise awareness of seismic risks by creating a prevention centre in Valais. Jonathan Home of ETH Zurich will work with the Swiss science centre Technorama to make visitors see atoms and interact with them. Claude Bourqui of the University of Fribourg will communicate publicly about humour and its universal, transgenerational and transcultural aspects, in collaboration with Marc Escola, Danielle Chaperon and Eric Eigenmann.

The Agora map

The aim of most projects is to stage an event in Switzerland. The Agora map is offering an overview of these events and helps to make them more visible - it includes past, present and future events. The map is a source of inspiration and point of contact for researchers who are interested in submitting an Agora project.